GeneroCITY engages participants in activities and discussions designed to teach them about social justice and diversity. Participants engage in social action by designing and implementing a service learning project to address the issues they discussed.

GeneroCITY consists of 5 program phases:

Phase 1: Team Building

EDIT Program Facilitators guide participants through team building activities in order to allow the group to get to know each other, learn to work collaboratively, and build a safe space for open and accepting dialogue within the group.

Phase 2: Social Justice

Program facilitators guide participants through activities and dialogue sessions designed to teach them about some of the social injustices within our community and society, including racism, classism, ableism, and sexism.

Phase 3: Project Design

Participants are empowered to help design their own creative learning experience. Based on what they feel are the most important issues in their community, facilitators and participants create service learning projects that will help combat the issues and give back to the community.

Phase 4: Project Implementation

Participants go out into the community to conduct their service project. Project participants help to meet a specific need and address a specific social injustice within the community.

Phase 5: Reflection

Scheduling a guided time for reflection at the conclusion of each service project allows for participants to gain a deeper understanding. Facilitators help participants think about their experience beyond that of what they did, but how it helps the community in the bigger picture, how it relates to their lives, and what lessons they can bring with them into the future.

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