At EDIT, we work to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion through service learning and the arts. Our programs are tailored to participants' developmental level and interests. While high school participants might choose to focus on issues such as racism, sexism, or classism, elementary level participants often discuss social justice in terms of bullying and kindness. After learning about social justice issues that matter most to them, EDIT participants are then empowered to design and carry out a social action project. In Awareness through Performance, participants work together to create and produce a performance designed to spread the word about equity, diversity, and inclusion. In GeneroCITY, participants organize and implement a service learning project. For example, after learning about classism, poverty, and homelessness, EDIT participants will volunteer at a local homeless shelter.



  • After EDIT programming, 100% of participants considered themselves an artist, compared to only 29% before participation in EDIT.
  • 96% of participants wanted to continue helping their community after EDIT programming, compared to only 61% who said they helped in their community before EDIT.
  • After EDIT, 93% of participants said that they work well with people who are different than them, compared to only 54% before EDIT.
  • 93% of participants stated that they know about issues in their community after EDIT, compared to only 46% before EDIT.
  • Only 69% of participants said they want to be a leader in their school and community before EDIT. After EDIT, 100% of participants want to be a leader.
  • After EDIT, 93% of participants said they use their voice to express their thoughts and feelings. Before EDIT, only 69% said so.
  • Before EDIT, 77% of participants said they are happy with who they are. After EDIT, 100% of participants said they are happy with who they are.

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